Big Achievers

Big Achievers

A non-gendered program that focuses on the basic movements of gymnastics. Focus is on play and exploration.  

Begin a journey to learn the basic movements of gymnastics.  Navigate skills of cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward rolls, balancing on beams, mushrooms, and strengthening on bars.  This class will teach the basics of gymnastics and will not focus on skill acquisition, but rather on the core principles of the sport:  improved strength, balance, and flexibility.  The purpose of this class will be a FUN introduction to gymnastics.  This class will not be leveled.  A key focus for all children will be to gain confidence by overcoming new and challenging physical obstacles.






  • $100/month


  • Non-gendered.
  • Play and Exploration based.
  • 1 hour/1 day per week


  • Movement-based activities will Increase your child’s cognitive abilities like improving focus and problem-solving skills.
  • The program will emphasize the building of core strength, which will translate to improved listening and reading skills in the classroom.
  • The program will focus on movement challenges that will allow your child both to fail and succeed, an important stepping stone to build confidence.

Age Groups and Class Breakdown


This age group will continue to grow their fine and gross motor skills, skills like grasping, swinging, and flipping. This older group of kiddos will also spend more time upside down to improve their proprioception skills, which is important to sensory growth.

6+ years