Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls

A progressive program designed to help your daughter gain gymnastics skills with the potential to become a competitive athlete. Price includes a backpack, social/emotional growth development workshops, and the opportunity to join skill clinics. 

This program leads directly to our Xcel Team Program.  Students in the Wonder Girls program can earn achievement pins to be displayed on their special Wonder Girl backpack.  Achievement pins focus not only on skills gained at each level, but also on character building achievements.





  • Wonder Girls 1:  $175/monthly
  • Wonder Girls 2: $204/monthly
  • Wonder Girls 3: $224/monthly


  • Wonder Girls 1: 1 hour/2 days per week
  • Wonder Girls 2: 1.25 hours/2 days per week
  • Wonder Girls 3: 1.5 hours/ 2 days per week
  • We believe to safely develop the strength and coordination that gymnastics requires that athletes must dedicate more time at the gym. This is why Wonder Girls is a twice per week class.
  • We also believe that as kiddos develop in their skill level and acquisition it is important to give them more time for skill development and repetition.  
  • Option to attend a monthly skill clinic to work on skill advancement and continued character development.


A Wonder Girls Achievement Backpack. (1st backpack included; move up or loss, purchase required)


  • Wonder Girls takes your whole child’s development into consideration. 
  • Focus meant to help lead your child into a healthy well-rounded adult life.
  • Fosters a community and team-building spirit–Wonder Girls is on a mission to develop a strong sense of togetherness and bravery amongst our female athletes.

Age Groups and Class Breakdown

Wonder Girls is divided into 3 levels. Any athlete can join our Wonder Girls Level 1 Class.  More advanced athletes coming from another program may request a FREE evaluation.  Additionally, assessments will occur in the fall and spring for those who may be ready to move to the next level. 

Wonder Girls: Level 1

  • Ages 6+ years

Wonder Girls: Level 2

  • Ages 6+ years
  • By assessment only

Wonder Girls: Level 3

  • Ages 6+ years
  • By assessment only