Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers utilize gymnastics for toddlers to early elementary-aged children as a starting point to help your little one’s social, emotional, and motor skills development. Imaginative play and movement are the primary tools utilized to accomplish these goals. Our classes will include a balance of movement-based activities and sensory games while exploring the world of gymnastics fun!  






  • Cubs 3-4 years old | Monthly: $87/month
  • Tigers Older 4’s-5 years old | Monthly: $100/month
  • Pre Wonder Girls Older 4’s-5 years old | Monthly: $175/month


  • A fun innovative program designed to begin working on the basic skills required in gymnastics.  Students will learn fundamentals through imaginative play and movement to achieve coordination, balance, and body shapes while being introduced to the fundamentals of gymnastics.
  • Cubs: 45 minute class 1 day a week
  • Tigers: 60 minute class 1 day a week
  • Class time will include imaginative play as well as basic fundamental skills and stations within the gym. 
  • Class time will include imaginative play as well as skill stations to work towards the development of core gymnastics. 

Pre Wonder Girls:  

Pre Wonder Girls is a class designed to help prepare younger kiddos who show exceptional abilities at their level and have a desire to compete in the future. Class will focus on higher-level skills designed to prepare them for competition level teams. 

  • 60-minute class 2 days a week
  • Class time will include focused instruction in gymnastic skill level to prepare kiddos for competition-level teams. 



  • Tiny Tumblers helps children reach important physical, social, and emotional milestones.
  • Encourages development via imagination.

Age Groups and Class Breakdown

Cubs: Ages 3-4 years old

Our cubs begin their gymnastics experience for the first time without a caregiver.

  • The class employs imagination to acquire skills like counting and color identification.
  • Kids tumble with purpose into social and emotional development via movement such as using play to learn listening skills and making friends.

Tigers: Older 4 years-5 years old

  • Our Tigers program builds on your child’s experience of learning through play while tackling important cognitive and physical milestones such as advancing with counting and patterns.
  • Motor skills will be further enhanced by incorporating more gymnastics skills and development.  Our tigers will be tumbling into the forests of their dreams.  

Pre Wonder Girls: Older 4 and 5 year olds

  • Our Pre Wonder Girls program is designed for those kiddos who are ready for a more advanced gymnastics class for their level.
  • Kiddos will begin the process of preparing for the competitive level by learning specific skills for each of the gymnastic events and routines for competition. 
  • Kiddos will complete a minimum of 1 in-house showcase to demonstrate their achievements. 
  • Kiddos will gain social and emotional growth through team-focused building activities.