Tuck N Tumblers

Tuck N Tumblers

These tumbling/cheer-based classes are for every athlete who has big dreams of tumbling down the floor, or maybe joining the high school cheerleading team one day!  This class will focus on keeping your child healthy and safe by putting proper progression first and utmost. Your child will also build strength and flexibility, two essential elements to becoming a strong tumbler. Is your child not into cheerleading?  That’s ok, we would love to work with your acrobat!!!  






  • Basics:  $87/month
  • Back Handspring (Must take 2):  $164/month
  • Acro/Aeiral (Must take 2): $164/month




  • 45-minute class/1-2 days per week
  • Differing skill and age level classes in Tumbling.





  • Focused instruction on specific skills related to tumbling.
  • Specific skill mastery.
  • Skills able to be converted to cheerleading, dance, acrobatics, or other sports.



Age Groups and Class Breakdown


Tumbling: Basics

  • 6+ years and teen
  • Meets once per week for 45 minutes and will focus on developing strong basic tumbling skills. Like cartwheels, handstands, bridges, and repulsion.
  • The following skills must be mastered before progressing to Back Handspring Tumbling or Aerial Tumbling: Forward and backward rolls, cartwheel, lever to handstand, front and back limber, bridge kick over, back and front walkover, push up blocking.

Back Handspring Tumbling:

  • Prerequisite:  Basics
  • 6+ years and teen
  • Meets twice per week for 45 minutes and will focus on developing the back handspring and running tumbling.

Acrobatic/Aerial Tumbling:

  • Prerequisite: Basics
  • Teen
  • Meets twice per week for 45 minutes – this class will focus on learning the progressions needed to learn a side aerial, back and front walkovers, head springs, and kip ups.